Welcome, friends. Welcome to your new home. Welcome to your new life. And, welcome to what may be, for some of you, your eventual resting place.”

This is what was said to the men, women and children aboard the Clockwork Platforms as they rose from the unstable planet Caratel.

This is what was said to you, as you entered the world, high above the clouds aboard Platform XIX.

The platforms, the peak of dwarven engineering and elven magic, were each created to be a paradise in the clouds, recreating the most breathtaking landscapes of Caratel. Each was designed to support enough beings to effectively act as a small, flat planet in Caratel’s stead. Each was designed to provide support to all creatures living on the platform as Caratel was being rebuilt, far below.


Design and execution are two entirely different beasts. The reconstruction of Caratel was halted some time ago, due to an swirling mist blocking all attempts at communication between the platforms and the planet. Out of contact with each other and uncertain of the state of the planet below, the platforms spacious artificial terrain is beginning to clutter.

Previously, peace was all there was to be found on your platform, but with the growing crisis, crimes and disasters have begun to run rampant. You have joined a fledgling organization to try to stem the problems crushing the citizens aboard Platform XIX. You and your closest allies will shape this organization, though you may not yet realize it…

...And it will begin as many births have; the group christens the organization the Organization for Platform Sustainability. The work they will do with the OfPS may yet save the platform, if they so choose.


After many arduous journeys, the tales of B5, Chandra, Gram, Nolmar and Arc have come to a close. Arc, B5, Chandra and Nolmar are presumed dead after their fierce battle with the Adumbrate Tiamat high above XIX. While they may be gone, the battle for XIX isn’t over. The doppelgangers and their Exonerate are still roaming the platform in search of power to destroy the natural races of Caratel. Gram, as the only surviving member of one of the OfPS’ most skilled parties, has shouldered the burden of training new recruits, leading them against the evils plaguing the land…

OOC: Irregularity is a campaign of special and creative circumstance. Hmm, maybe I should just say “It’s got four players that take turns DM’ing”. Bleh, precision like that doesn’t make for very good conversation.

Irregularity is a campaign of special and creative circumstance. It currently has four players, and one DM… Which doesn’t sound so unique when you say it like that, huh? Well, what if I told you one of the players was also the DM? That sounds like a silly idea, though: Wouldn’t one party member always know what was going on behind the scenes? Yup. That seems unfair, so what if I told you that after each campaign arc, one of the three non-DM players took on the Mastering Mantle? We’re currently on our third arc (and third DM), and things are looking good.

Hmmmm… maybe I should just say “It’s got four players that take turns DM’ing”. Nah.

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