Irregularity Classic

Well's Run Dry

The water's dried up in the desert town of Dalgish.



Zolak, Tomasso, Hans and Buddy set out for Dalgish. “I’ve got a good feeling about this one”, says Zolak.

They cross the desert, arriving in a mere four days, a full day ahead of schedule. They were well-off with their superior survival skills.

Tomasso descends into the first well…

“A cave’s been hollowed out at the bottom”, he writes out to the party. They descend as well, and enter the tunnel.

A solid door stands in their way, but it is no match for the groups strength.

They attempt to sneak further into the tunnels, but Zolak is sniffed out by a dire rat! Hans quickly silences the beast. “Try to be more careful,” he says to Zolak, “or next time, this could be you”. He points gravely to the rats lifeless body.

The wells water is found, and not just one wells water; tunnels had been burrowed from all the wells to this location, forming an expansive underground lake. They party celebrates their victory, but Buddy notices a shadowy figure fade into the darkness across the lake. Another door blocks their path, this one far more formidable. The party turns back, successful in their mission, but now curious…

  • 3,000 (600) gp
  • Glooming Shroud +1
  • EX Mission #3 Available
  • 20 Experience



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