Irregularity Classic

Messi Situation

Machines are inexplicably failing in nearby Messi.



The caravan sets out for Messi. Two hours into they journey, the party finds a fork in the road. Also, they see a second path.


“Er, that way!” says Aziz, pointing down the eastern path. They group travels deep into the woods, and after six hours travel, they begin to think they may have picked the scenic route. They come across a beautiful waterfall, which serves to hide the approach of…

A starved wolf. Derweasel hops down. “I know how to deal with this lot. You just have to puff up and make yourself look big!”

He stands under five feet, even with his arms raised… The wolf growls, Derweasel screams, and a chase ensues. Razma watches for a while, then digs out an extra bit of beef packed for the trail. She tosses it to the dog, after which he snatches it up and gleefully runs back into the woods.

Eight hours pass, but the party safely find their way out of the forest, and into Messi.

  • 2000 (400) gp
  • Catpaw Boots +1
  • EX Mission #4 Available
  • 20 Experience



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