Irregularity Classic

Down the Drain

Further investigation is required in Dalgish.


Debriefing The party sets out across the now familiar desert, and arrive on schedule. They proceed underground to the massive stone door. Aziz uses his knowledge to plant the explosives successfully. Behind the remains of the door, the group finds several rafts and a sloped path that fades into darkness. With the door open, water begins pouring in behind them, creating a river…

They climb aboard the raft, and are shuttled down into the depths of the platform. The river lets out into another underground lake, and the party floats along it for a short time, before finding shore. They also find something else; something astonishing…

A city is carved into the cavern walls of the underground river valley below them. It stretches for miles before fading into inky darkness…

“Stop” Hans says to the party, “I hear…”. Suddenly, he leaps at Aziz and Derweasel, forcing their weight onto Tulsa, toppling the entire party down a muddy ramp, into the darkness below. Before anyone can question his actions, two soldiers appear above them… The group overhears they are to stand guard until the engineer arrives to inspect the entrance to the waterway.

They wait a few minutes, while planning their escape. Through a combination of guile, intimidation and luck, they discreetly subdue the guards, and make their way back to the raft… Only to realize they have no way back up the waterway. “This make no sense”, says Aziz, “no sense at all. They have some sort of trick for this, I’m sure.” Derweasel discovers a simple panel with a few strangely marked buttons, and one recognizable one: It has an up arrow. Climbing aboard the raft, they press the button and hope for the best.

A grainy, recorded voice asks all personal to please clear the yellow zone. The party turns to see a large metal wall slide into place, creating a dam. The water level quickly rises as several pipes begin pumping water into the room. They make their escape, and return to Naradona.

  • 4,000 gold from OfPS
  • Belt of the Brawler (heroic tier)



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