Irregularity Classic

Inventing Trouble

Is Garret Tarn guilty of supplying ne'er-do-wells?

The group was tasked with finding Independent Inventor Garret Tarn and returning him, alive, to stand trial for supposedly supplying ne’er-do-wells with advanced weapons and other devices. They traveled through his lab, collecting notes on his reasons for halting contacts and contracts with the OfPS along the way. The group was met with no personnel that tried to stop them; instead, they faced traps designed to hinder and discourage them. They struggled their way through poorly-cloaked bombs, avoided a deadly pit-and-smoke-filled hallway, were struck by small darts from a trapped desk, and fell prey to some illusionary pits.

After encountering trap after trap, finding more notes and a few prototype gadgets, the group came to a door guarded by two golems. The party smashed their generators, and proceeded to Garret Tarn’s lab. The party was attacked after a series of failed negotiations. They made short work of the inventor by destroying his machinery, depriving him of his mobility and forcing him into melee combat. The party returned Tarn to the OFPS and decided; based on his notes, he was just doing as any other private inventor would. (Note from Gram: “He’s a slippery bastard; as oily as his busted-up toys”.) He agreed to work for the OfPS in exchange for not being prosecuted for attacking the party, with the addition condition that he is entirely subordinate (read:’bitch’) to Doctor Angie. To better enforce this, Gram placed powerful Geas magic on Tarn, practically enslaving him to Angie and the OfPS for the next seven years. (Note from Gram: “If he was serious about working here, he shouldn’t mind, right?“) He now provides innovative weapon enhancements for the group whenever inspiration (or Gram) strikes him.



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