Irregularity Classic

Priestess of Earth and Sky

Sessions 1-3: Adventures in the Village of Keegan

For their first mission, the party has been dispatched to the village of Keegan, hidden in the mountains beyond Lineker Hollow. The village is home to those in tune with nature; the druids, the shaman, and other primal forces…

“Keegan is under siege. One of the village leaders has gone missing, and with her absence, the barrier that protects the village from harm has dissipated. Raiders of unknown origin and intention have begun pilfering from the farmsteads nearby. Most recently, a farmer was found wounded, his family abducted, and his farm razed. If the increased severity of the raider attacks wasn’t enough, reports have shown strange shadows prowling the locale graveyard on clear, moonlit nights.

You’re charged with halting the raider attacks, determining the fate of the village leader, establishing a means for the village to defend itself (should the worst have befallen the leader), and investigating the mysterious shadows. Intriguing.”

Four heroes make their way south, through the Lineker Forest. B5, a clockwork with an uncertain past and ties to primal forces; Chandra, a valkyrie and a circus runaway gone rouge; Gram, an imbued bounty hunter with a dark curse; Nolmar, a dragonkin cleric favored by the gods…

After arriving at the humble town center of Keegan, the four are greeted by the charismatic druid, Walen Draydson. He explains the extent of the damage caused by the raiders, and points the party to the only man found after a farm was razed recently.

The man is unconscious, but cries out for his wife and daughter, even in his uneasy slumber. B5 peers into his mind, and determines that goblins and hobgoblins are likely responsible for the attacks. Nolmar realizes the man is on the brink of death, and performs surgery to save is life.

The party approaches the second eldest of the village leaders. He is a large, powerful man; much larger than even B5, despite being only human. He is quiet as the party enters… He seems unable to answer the party. Beyond distress at the loss of his sister, he remains silent, entrusting a bag filled with earth to Nolmar.

They rest for the night.

The party makes their way again through the peculiar Lineker Forest, this time in the direction of Lineker Hollow. This forest was an enigma; it defied the party at every turn, doubling back on itself in a way the group deemed supernatural. Fortunately, B5s superior understanding of nature, and Chandras outstanding sense of… Well, luck… The party made it through, past the deepest reaches of the forest. With the exit, however, they also found battle!

The goblins and their crude bows were no much for the young warriors, and the battle ended as quickly as it began, although the victory was not without cost. A goblin Blackblade made off with the pouch Nolmar had received! Without delay, the party gave chase into the valley.

The foolish little goblin led the group to what appeared to be a solidly, albeit tastelessly fabricated fortification. They planned their assault as a storm began to brew, covering the valley in darkness. The party fought their way into the goblin shanty town, chasing the goblin Blackblade, battling not only goblins, but their larger and fiercer hobgoblin kin.

The hobgoblins were fierce, but the storm that fell upon them even more so…

The group battled their way past the goblin guardians. The last fell, and Chandra approached to strike the final blow. “Warghide will see you dead!” were his final words, as billowing thunder drowned out the latter half of a frightful battle cry.

B5 and Chandra lead the group onto a balcony in the shape of a crescent moon, in the goblins inner sanctum. Torches flickered and flared in the large, circular room with its crude, vaulted ceiling. The space was a necessity; The chamber was prison to a mighty whirlwind, chained by dark magics.

The adventurers arrive in time to see the goblin Blackblade receive a fierce blow from his superior, knocking him unconscious. The party



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