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  • Second Great War

    Primarily a struggle for water and habitable land. Brought to an end by [[Cara Dansen]] and her friends.

  • suggested population limit

    The suggested population limit for each of the [[Clockwork Platforms]] is 40,000,000 men, women and children for all [[civilized races]], and no more then 60,000,000 creatures of similar size, but lesser intellect.

  • civilized races

    This includes the versatile [[humans]], the hardy [[dwarves]], the clever [[humes]], the whimsical [[fey]], the diverse [[imbued fey]], the mechanized [[clockwork]], the winged [[valkyrie]], and the imposing [[dragonkin]].

  • computer program

    Ancient technology, lost to the people of this day and age. Like they worked way back when... grumble...

  • author

    A sad, sad shell of an individual. Enjoys long, quiet, fire-side strolls... Typically along the boiling molten metals found near the core of Caratel, their secluded subterranean home. Yes, _their_. They, the one known as the Author.

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