EX Companions

EX Companions are allies that are subordinate to your player characters. They won’t often join you on the field; instead, you send them on missions best suited to their skills. Remember: Just because they may not possess the same talents your characters do, they can do just as much good in the world if properly guided…

Each Companion has a name, race, class, level, experience, ability, and skill.

Name- A units name provides secret effects. Each name must begin with a letter, no symbols, spaces, etc.

Race- The race provides a racial bonus, and an ability bonus. Race may limit mission eligibility.

See EX Companion Race.

Class- Class determines two skills the companion is trained in, determines the combat skill, and provides special abilities for companions greater then level one. Class may also allow access to certain missions.

See EX Companion Class.

See also EX Companion Class Feat.

Level- This represents the milestones in experience gain for companions. It determines mission success and eligibility, ability bonuses, skill bonuses, and special class benefits. Level is capped at 20, and a companions level can never exceed your own. Any experience gained at either of these caps is lost.

At every even level, companions are awarded 2 ability points, which may be assigned to Body, Mind and Agility however you see fit. At levels 8, 12, 16 and 20, companions receive +1 to all ability scores, in addition to the usual 2 assignable points.

On multiples of 3, companions receive a +2 bonus to one trained skill or the combat skill. At 9 and 18, companions receive training in a skill they aren’t already trained in. Combat skill is already trained for all EX Companions.

Class Feats are awarded at 2, 6, 10, 14 and 18, and a Destiny Feat is obtained at level 20.

Multiples of 5 bring EX Companion magic item slots: At 5, a weapon; At 10, armor; At 15, a helm; and at 20, a trinket.

Experience- One hundred experience causes a companion to level. 20 experience is awarded per rank of risk. A failed quest results in a lose of fifty percent of the experience that would have been gained otherwise.

Ability- Ability scores determine the effective of companion skills. Companions have three scores: Body, Mind, and Agility (abbreviated Agil). These scores are not calculated in the same way as player character scores. Ability scores start at negative one; seven points are to be allocated. No ability score can go above three during the ability generation section of the companion creation process.

Skill- Skills are the primary factor in determining mission success. There are nine skills of three schools, each connected to an ability. In addition, there is a combat skill determined by your companions class, and the allies in its current party. Combat skill can be modified by items, class feats and racial abilities.

See EX Companion Skill.

Grouping Rules- EX Companions are grouped together for missions. Each player character must send one companion for each mission undertaken. If a mission calls for eight party members, each player character must send two, and so on. When sending multiple party members per player character on one mission, individual PCs cannot ‘double up’ on companions of the same race or class. Multiple PCs can, however, send the same race or class. The full value of experience is awarded regardless of party size.

Companion Death- There is a low chance that a companion may die when sent on a mission. The chance of death is decided by the missions Risk value; Friendly has no chance, Hostile has a small chance, Dangerous has a medium chance, and Lethal has a great chance. EX Companions that find death may be revived by the same means a PC can, provided the body is brought back in a suitable condition.

EX Companions

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