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Big Note: A special hello to anyone that isn’t participating in Irregularity. Hello! If you find yourself checking out the weapons, races, or any other custom content, you should be aware that the OfPS is currently play testing all of it, (or most of it, anyway) and it may not be particularly balanced yet. You’re welcome to include any of it in your own campaigns, but we can’t be held responsible if it’s all a bit broken.

  • Class A list of class options for player characters above Caratel.
  • Device A list of mechanical or magic objects. Typically more dangerous devices are called weapons (see below).
  • Feat Feats available only to those that inhabit Caratel. Normally they accommodate to the unique races and classes aboard the platforms.
  • Language A list of languages used be the player character races. Characters have many more languages available to them then just these…
  • Lore Religious, historical, fictional… Maybe a combination of all three! Lore about the world is found here. Should be read OOC, and is subject to change.
  • Magic Describes magical effects. Closer to a description of how a machine may work, actually.
  • Person Historical figures, or important people the party have met during their adventures.
  • Place Places that exist (probably) and places the party have visited or seen in their quest.
  • Player Characters The player characters! They’ll be central figures in what happens to the world. Hopefully. They could all die young, painful deaths, instead.
  • Power Unique powers and actions suited to the unique styles of the unique races and classes. Um, unique.
  • Race The races available to players of XIX. Includes a few custom races, and all have custom effects.
  • System Custom game systems. Currently contains all information regarding EX Companions.
  • Weapons Weapons that you won’t likely find in the core rule books. Not yet, anyway. Currently contains information on numerous firearms and energy weapons.

Main Page

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