Naradona is the capital city of the most influential and populace region of Platform XIX. It is also the headquarters for the organization the player characters are members of. While the Naradona government provides great support to the organization, they are not in charge of the organization. That said, the organization owes them much gratitude.

It is unique in that it has been amazingly successful (est. 870,000 citizens), despite being founded after the platforms launch. This is due in no small part to a terraforming accident: During the creation of the platform, a river was run and a small farming town was to built alongside it. However, a faulty mountain was placed too close to the river, and it collapsed. The river was now dammed, and the area for the town was covered in several hundred tons of rock. The area was condemned, and mostly forgotten, as the launch date for the platform was growing near.

After the launch of the platform, a mountain range that was supposed have a large moisture content was hit with some_thing_ from the sky. Whatever it was, it dried the mountains up within weeks, turning it into part steppe, part desert. This left a number of dwarves, humes and fey displaced. They decided they would try to cultivate a new city, politely refusing invitations from cities already settled.

They found a large, broken mountain, and a river that had looked as if it had once been dammed, but broke free. They found two separate lakes, and two powerful rivers. Some of the rock had worn away, leaving the soil rich. Here, this group made Naradona. It became a beautiful city, with human engineering, dwarven masonry and fey woodworking and cultivation coming together on a massive scale for the first time, not to produce out of necessity, but simply for the sake of beauty and a meeting of culture.


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